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In case they don’t read the mail I sent them, or fail to act on it:

TO THE EDITOR(s) of National Rifle Association publications:

In the November 2013 issue of America’s 1st Freedom, there is an article on page 61 entitled MAIG Outdoes Biden on Self-Defense.  It distressed me because it uses intentionally misleading language in order to score points.  When we stoop to misleading our own members with misleading statements, that’s going too far.  The anti-gunners do it every day.  We should be above that.

Toward the end of the article, there is a sentence that states: ‘Indeed, FBI statistics demonstrate that year after year, more people are murdered with “[b]lunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)” than with either rifles or shotguns.’

No doh.  Murderers don’t use rifles or shotguns.  The relevant statistic would be blunt objects vs handguns.  I’m betting more murders occur with handguns — so you couldn’t use that statistic and make your article sound good.

Do your research, and come up with legitimate self-defense statistics that actually mean something.  I guarantee you, every anti-gunner with a brain that read that article found the same GLARING HOLE in your logic that I did, and is now laughing at us because of it.

Stop HELPING the anti-gunners.  Bloomberg and his cronies have enough help.  Stop lobbing them freebies.

The article was valid, not great, but good right up until the point where you used that blatantly misleading statistic to bolster your argument.  You would have been FAR BETTER OFF had you left out that sentence entirely.

Sincerely, Jace Carlson, NRA Endowment member since… a long time ago.  Please don’t make critical proofreading mistakes like that again.  It makes us all look bad.  And please don’t blame me for pointing it out.  Your publications reach millions more than my blog posts.


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