A couple hours from now, I’m going to join a group of like-minded writers in a nearby town (Tiffin, Ohio) for a write-in that will officially kick off NaNoWriMo . I don’t expect to get a whole lot done tonight, as I’ve never met these people, but maybe I don’t have to. All I want to do is have some fun, and show some enthusiasm to others, so perhaps they will get motivated to write 50k words in the next 30 days.

It’s intriguing how yesterday, I hit a spot where I didn’t think I’d have a single thing to write to get the process started — and now, I have a hard time holding back, because I have tons of ideas floating through my head. It’s amazing what sleep can do.

Now, where did I put those directions to the restaurant where we’re supposed to meet? They might help. I know (from plenty of experience) that driving around in circles in an unfamiliar town is NOT the way to locate what I want. When I’m with my wife, pulling one of those ‘driving in circles’ mode searches drives her up a wall, which is a neat trick considering that she’s sitting next to me at the time.

I tell ya what. If I get lost and stop posting to Writing.COM

… feel free to let my wife know that I might actually be missing for real this time. You can find her on Facebook  .

Ta ta for now!

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