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I just got “done” revising/rewriting portions of “Opus Breanna”  based on input from reviewers. If you’ve read it before and want to re-read to catch the changes, please wait a bit… I haven’t proofread everything yet or compiled it into the format WDC seems to like, nor have I uploaded any of the changes to my portfolio item.

As a new writer, I’m amazed how much work it is to review and rewrite sections of my own creation. The first time through, everything flowed out through my fingers like water from a faucet, and now I make one change, and end up having to adjust 20 scenes across 5 chapters. Good grief.

Most writers recognize that their first attempt at writing is crap, and they either put it aside permanently, or delete/shred it. I’m not at that point yet — I think my first novel can be resuscitated. But the final creation is probably not going to look very much like what I started with. I had to scrap my first ending completely, and am up in the air about how I want to do that. I had to create almost a mirror-image personality for my narrator/protagonist, which required re-thinking his relationship with his parents, sisters, and other characters. No small task, that.

Someone is going to come along and suggest I do a “Prep” outline and whatnot for my first book. I know I should, but I’m not sure how much effort that would take, and if it would divide my attention from the work I am actively pursuing in the revision process. Argh. If you followed that, I’ll flip a GC your way.

I will say this. I dug into my piggy bank and decided to upgrade my WDC account. Not because of the features, but because I am now hooked on this community — I have met no end to supportive people from all aspects and genres of writing, and the SMs are awesome. I know what kind of dedication it takes to do what they’re doing, and it defies logic that they could keep it up for so long without needing to be committed.

So, hat’s off to WDC and all those who make it a great community. Just like any relationship, it takes work to keep it running smoothly, and often we don’t often realize the effort and pain that goes on behind the scenes. Keep up the good work, everyone! You deserve part of the praise, just for being here and being active.

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