Ford Hot Rod Kit Car #3

Ford Hot Rod Kit Car #3 (Photo credit: Feggy Art)

Not much to say today. I just woke up and am trying to fight through the pain until I can get to my comfortable “writing place” and bang out some prose. Or at least write/rewrite some of the things on my massive list of changes for my novel “Opus Breanna” . One of the people to review two or more chapters is sitting pretty today with more than 14K GP from me — and I’m trying to put some of their constructive comments to good use.

My younger son stopped by this weekend for the September Classic Car Show here in Upper Sandusky, Ohio — an event that draws people from all over the region. We had entries this year from as far away as Florida. As I write this, my wife is driving him back to college.

Nothing more to say right now. I need to grab some grub and take meds, then double check that I am free to write (no pesky housework to do). Then I can sit down, fire up yWriter5   and get to work!

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