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This photograph of downtown Marion, Ohio on West Center Street was taken by User OHWiki. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NaNoWriMo is about to start. The MLs (Municipal Liaison) have gotten as many people as possible in their area to sign up and get ready for the insanity that is to start on the first of November. They reach out and encourage people, some of whom are very fragile, and others who will probably never write 50,000 words in a novel, even if you gave them a year, not just a month. They do this without pay, and sometimes without any real recognition. My hat goes off to them.I have signed up for two groups, as my little town isn’t large enough to have its own, and the others are 25-30 minutes away from here, so it won’t be much hassle to do write-in events with both, as long as they don’t schedule them simultaneously.Tomorrow, I meet with some folks from Marion, Ohio — part of the NanKnights Facebook group. We’re meeting at a local restaurant, I think. I’ll find out before I leave home.Then, at midnight on 31 October, I will meet with the other group in Tiffin, where we will meet and greet each other and then sit down for an hour or so and write what we can, starting at the stroke of midnight on 1 November, the official start point for NaNoWriMo.I should be all set. I think. I hope. LOL

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