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My writing journey’s journal

I have been an avid MMO game player for many years and a pen and paper gamer for years before that. And I’ve never been able to write more than a page or so at a time, and that would take me hours to do. Creatively, I have had stories and even novels in my head that I could explain to someone, or even tell them the story audibly, but could never put down on paper.

And I never found out why. Until my wife introduced me to Stephanie Meyer late this spring. I read Twilight, and the rest of the books in rapid sequence… I think I spent less than two weeks on all of them, and then I watched the movies. My wife mentioned that she had never written before, even a short story, and that she completed the entire first novel in three months or so. I read an interview she gave with another author (for the life of me I cannot remember who it was), where she explained her entire writing process.

I said to myself, Self, you can do that. If a housewife, with three kids running around, can do it, then I can too. Except that I had tried, and couldn’t write worth a darn. So I tried something new and radical. I ignored everything else, and by everything, I meant everything. And I sat down to write. I cut out everything, except caffeine… No more TV, no movies, no games — really, I quit playing all of them. I found that now, devoid of all the other distractions, I could write. One of my sons helped me find some background noise (shameless plug incoming: http://rain.simplynoise.com/), and I found I could write even better.

What did I write? I just took a word and turned it into a sentence. And then the sentence into a paragraph. I added a tragedy, and turned it into a murder. And then added a love story. And then a thriller, because the love story caused problems for the murderer. And from there, I had a theme. From the theme came a focus. I just made it up as I went along, telling stories that actually ended up on paper, not just as whimsical thoughts that I would lose by the next day.

I wrote over 100k words in July, and another 75k in August. We’re barely into September, and I’ve already written 46k words (not counting this blog), and I have no plans to stop writing. The sky is the limit… well, actually, I’ve gone past that in a few places — to the stars and beyond. There is no limit to what you can do if you just put your mind to it and start, one word at a time.

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