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Just got back from helping my wife teach a class on iPhone, iPad, and iPod basics. She sells them,1 reluctantly, as most of the other Androidy things from Samsung, etc. have more features, work better, have better support, and don’t have the hassle associated with Apple products. This might not be the case everywhere, but in the country,2 some aspects of technology have a very low saturation/penetration. Apple stuff works some of the time here, and if you call their tech support, you hear the strangest advice, like “move to a bigger city” and so on. It’s frustrating to people, and more frustrating for my wife, who is their first line of support. It doesn’t help that most Apple users fall for the “Look at us, it’s simple! Everything works together! Anyone can use it!” advertising, and even if shown a superior product for a cheaper price, they still go with it.

On a whim a few years back, she offered a class through the Ohio State regional office, from a classroom in the local highschool. She had 4 students. They were thrilled, because finally someone was able to show them simple things about the device they bought online or their adult children sent them, thinking that iStuff would be easy for their parents to figure out. Simple things: how to turn their device on or off, how to charge their device, how to answer the phone, how to call someone, how to write an email, how to surf the web, etc.

She teaches three classes a year, and they’ve been getting steadily larger and larger. This last class had 16 attendees, and I forget how many people didn’t show up. My wife is precious — she treats everyone like they’re the most important person in the world, showing them everything and never talking down to anyone, and they love her for it. In a small town, where word of mouth is king, she is one of the most well known, most beloved individuals. I’m the introverted geeky husband who writes in the dark and doesn’t know anyone’s name, even after living here 15 years. We make a good team.

Anyway, long winded windup to saying that the class went well, and a few more people in the area are thrilled to death with my wife. I am so proud of her. And so lucky she chose me, 21 years ago, to spend the rest of her life with.

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1  she works for a Verizon Wireless premium reseller
2  we live in a county seat of 5000 ppl in a county of 22000 ppl — in between, but not close to several major cities

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