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Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I wrote that initial journal entry, I did so with a bit of a smirk on my face. Yes, I really have written over 200k words since the beginning of July. But I haven’t done much else. At all. I suppose I do eat, now and again, or sleep some… but most of the time I’m glued to my computer, as it is the only other way I get out and see the world. I’m a disabled vet with severe chronic pain, and other health issues. If I’m not writing, I’m out walking around outside thinking of writing, or talking into my portable recorder and letting Dragon’s NaturallySpeaking do it. So now you know.

Posted 4 chapters of my novel to WDC. Some trial and error, but I think I have the RTF5 to WML figured out. It still takes a bit of manual intervention, but it’s manageable. With an average of 12k words per chapter, I didn’t want to have to type it all in again. *Pthb*

I have about 9 more chapters written, but I’m not convinced I like the current ending, so I will probably revisit it soon. I also have lost track of how many revisions I’m on… but for WDC’s purposes, we can call it First Draft or whatever initial state is usually referred.

This week is crazy. My wife’s company decided to lock down all the computers so they could be centrally managed, meaning that they authorized one browser (IE), one email addy for the entire office, blocked google and other search engines, and blocked every possible productivity tool you could think of. If it was useful, that is. If it wasn’t any use, they left it alone. On top of that, our County Fair is this week, which is a big deal in a town of 5k people and a county of 25k. Ohio is a great place to be… from, as I like to say, even though I’ve lived here for 15+ years. Oh well. At least the Fair food is reasonably edible. Wish me luck.

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