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My wife, Cassie, works long hours at a Verizon reseller   managing the store, the inventory, employees, conference calls on her days off, mandatory training two hours away, overzealous bosses, and a breadth of customers that would make me scream if I tried to handle them. She does all this with a smile on her face and a laugh at anything that manages to inject a bit of humor into her otherwise insane world.

Today, she had to get up early for an 8:30 conference call (when you work 10am to 8pm, 8:30 is early). At 8:05 she got a text from herbrother, one of her employees, saying that “the conference call access code is broken“. She laughed and explained to me that if they give you a code for an 8:30 call, it won’t work until 8:30 — but of course, her brother has to try it early and then complain. If he’s not complaining, he’s probably not breathing either.

Then, after listening to a bunch of drivel for a half an hour, twenty minutes of which is roll-call, so that they can “ding” you if you’re not on the call along with 100 other people, she gets off the phone and gets to enjoy a cup of coffee before she has to run out the door to get to work. Wait… she just walked out the door (at 9:40am) and the conference call was still going. Good grief!

One of her other employees, Karen, is out sick — well, her sixteen year old daughter is sick with Crohn’s disease and is in the hospital today — so she might as well be sick. Cassie isn’t sure if she’ll be in to work at all today, but she doesn’t begrudge her the time. She knows full well what a pain Crohn’s disease is. She’s had it herself since she was 18 — about a year before she met me. At least she’ll be able to help Karen and her daughter through the “what the heck do I do now?” stage of any disease diagnosis. Not knowing what to do is much worse than merely having a condition. It adds emotional stress to the whole thing, which, by the way, can trigger a Crohn’s episode.

On top of this, she has to travel an hour an a half away for a Time Warner Roadrunner training class, which she doesn’t need (we have personally had the service for more than 10 years, and she’s been selling it ever since they started partnering with Verizon wireless). She would love to send her brother, who is reasonably technical and would welcome the time off, but he has had nothing but horror stories with Roadrunner at his own house. He plays online games (like I used to), and the lag spikes, outages, loss of connection every five minutes, and other problems make it likely that he would complain while in a class like that, and end up getting himself fired. So Cassie has to go instead, on top of everything else she needs to get done today.

I’ve been up all night with pain, which doesn’t normally bother anyone because I can sleep through the day if I need to, so I was aware that Cassie didn’t get much sleep last night. Headaches, backaches, cramps, a minor Crohn’s episode, and worry about today — isn’t going to make today any easier for her. But she’s a darling and will suck it up and get it done anyway. It never ceases to amaze me what she can and will put up with in the course of a day.

She is the love of my life and my opposite in many ways. We put up with each others’ infirmities and laugh at what life throws our way. I cannot adequately describe our love for each other with mere words. You would have to see us together to understand.

Her Facebook page is here   if you want to see a few photos, or stop by to say “hi”. One of these days, I’ll get her hooked on WDC, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. She barely has time to breathe as it is.

Today isn’t her birthday, or anniversary, or anything at all special. But I wanted to write this anyway so she can see how appreciated she is. If she has time to read it…

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