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I waxed eloquent about my entire life and career, my marriage, my kids, and even my politics.  I realize now that more words don’t translate into better content.  I still have as much to say as I used to, but choose not to venture into some areas, like politics, that seem to cause otherwise reasonable, cheerful people into raving lunatics ready to kill each other.  There are real people out there who do that — I don’t need to add to their numbers.

I’ve been married 21 years now, and have a lovely wife, Cassie, who gives an enormous amount of time to the local community, sometimes during her job as a manager of a Verizon Wireless franchise, and other times when she has no time and should be resting.  We have two boys, Rowland and Mylon, both Eagle Scouts, and both in college.  If it weren’t for financial aid, neither of them would be attending — it’s just crazy expensive, and I don’t see any relief on the horizon for any of you with young kids.  Start saving now, and you might just make a dent in their tuition by the time it comes around.  A small dent.

One side effect of having kids in college is the ’empty nest’ syndrome or effect, where Cassie and I are alone most evenings and nights, and we are getting used to what that means without kids around.  Rowland was born almost exactly at the one-year point in our marriage, so we only had a very limited time together before we had a family to take care of.  Now, with the boys out of the house, it’s a very different world for both of us.  I think we’ll do just fine, but it still feels weird, like we’re cheating or something.

I have been struggling with writing for several years now.  I have novels floating around in my head, as well as a million and one short story ideas, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to get any of it out on paper.  Until this summer.  This summer, I decided to quit gaming (online games, such as World of Warcraft and Star Wars, The Old Republic) cold turkey — absolutely and completely — and an amazing thing happened.  I discovered I could write!  Apparently, all the energy I was putting into gaming took the same brain power as it takes to write, so by giving up the game playing completely, I freed myself to be able to write.  It was a life-altering revelation, and a welcome one.

I wrote over 100k words in July, 2013, and more in August, September, etc.  Now, in a few days I will be writing my second novel — part two of a series I started with my first one attempt at writing since high school.  There is a contest of sorts held by a bunch of people interested in writing — the National Novel Writers Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.  My entry is here if you’re curious as to what I come up with.  I’m going to start writing, with a few local people, on the stroke of midnight on November 1st — the first day we are allowed to start writing for the contest.  UPDATE: I got started, and am a few days into November and have written almost 15k words out of the 50k required for the ‘contest’; in other words, I’m doing great!

I have been disabled for years, and it has been frustrating not being able to hold a job, or bring in any money except what the government dribbles out for me.  Now, I actually have a chance at being productive again, and the emotional boost it provides is amazing.  I don’t know if I’ll ever sell anything I write — and the reality is, even if I don’t make a penny, I will have done something 100% more productive than playing games — not that all games are bad.  There are great benefits to playing Euchre or Bridge or whatever in social situations.  But games for me?  I’ve determined that because of my propensity for addicting pursuits such as online games, it’s an all-or-nothing proposition.  Right now, I’ll take the nothing and the ability to write, thank you very much.

So that’s where I am.  A semi-conscious disabled vet, neophyte novelist, family chef, and all around great guy.  I hope you get a kick out of my writing exploits, as I intend to walk you through the process of my research and writing.  Perhaps you’ll be entertained by at least some of it.  😉


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